Lens cup

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The lens cup isn't just for amateurs. Objectively speaking, the mug will immediately captivate you with its appearance and wide range of uses.

Even the small details of a real lens have been reproduced with high precision, which not only allows you to look at your favorite drink from a new perspective and in good light, which stays warm longer (stainless steel insert), but also allows the stylishly display placed writing instruments

Other items worth a good binding, or to become a resting place for your cigarette ash (if you still have the courage to smoke).

Our mug is not just a plastic imitation of the lens, it has a stainless steel insert, making it waterproof and 100% of the role of a mug, in addition to maintaining the temperature of the drink for longer.

The set also includes a lid with a slide like in a real lens.

ATTENTION! Unlike the cheaper version, the mug offered has a stainless steel metal filling for a drink, which makes it more hygienic than a regular plastic mug and also easier to clean and keep hygienic.

The gadget in detail: a lens-shaped mug (with a metal filling for a drink) a lid with a glass (brown or blue) and a seal firmly attached to the mug a pocket (lid) for a mug which can be attached to a belt, belt loop, bag, etc.

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