Classic wine aerator

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You don't have to be a connoisseur to please the palate and taste buds now and then with a glass or even a bottle of good wine.

So when you reach for this noble drink, be sure to let it "breathe" and "ventilate" well, because only then will the bouquet fully bloom and you will discover its hidden qualities.

Only a well-aerated wine reveals to the taster its depth of flavor and aroma.

You can of course open the bottle an hour before the guests arrive, but the wine will then lose its optimum temperature and the pleasure of choosing and opening the bottle together will be taken away from you.

That is why a wine aerator has been developed to speed up the aeration process. Only thanks to him you get a better bouquet, fuller taste and a longer aftertaste. Even the color of the wine intensifies and the aeration process itself will raise the rank of your gathering and provide additional positive aesthetic impressions.

The special structure of the aerator ensures optimal aeration of the wine flowing through it. The metal strainer allows you to increase the aeration when you pour the whole bottle into the carafe.

The gadget in detail: the wine aerator in a classic shape brings out the best in the wine high-quality materials made of acrylic glass in the set: areator, stainless steel strainer, satin bag size: 14 cm (height) x 6 cm (width) x 4 cm diameter of the sieve a unique gift for special people exclusive to red wine a Vinocent product

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