Shavette classic straight razor

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The Shavette モCut Throatヤ razor from Guardenza is ideal for a comfortable shave and updating your sideburns, beard lines and goatees. The Shavette is made of black coated stainless steel and has a beautiful wooden handle. With this type of razor you use interchangeable, double-sided blades (Double Edge Blades), so that sharpening or the use of a strop becomes unnecessary.

NB! this item does not contain loose razor blades. razor blades must be ordered separately.

- Halve the DE razor blade by cutting it in half and slide the half blade into the shavette.
- Moisten your face and lather well
- Hold razor between thumb and 3 fingers
- Hold the razor at an angle of 30 degrees to the skin
- Use a slightly smaller angle at the cheek, chin and upper lip
- Press the razor lightly on the skin
- First shave with the beard hairs
- Pull the skin taut while shaving with the other hand
- Shave with calm, even strokes

Use the razor safely and carefully! Practice around the sideburns and cheeks at first. After a few days you can gently shave the chin and neck area.

Material and specifications
razor: black coated stainless steel
Handle length: 13 cm
Shaving foil length: 13 cm

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