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Wondering how to cook eggs perfectly so they are exactly what you or your family like?
Our hot egg timer makes it child's play! All you need to do is add our hot egg timer to the eggs you want to cook, and it will change color to show you if the eggs are still soft, hard-boiled or maybe in between.

The egg does not measure time like a simple timer, which is unreliable, but works by temperature.

On a special scale you can see the "physical state" of your egg at any time. When the dark color turns "soft" on the shell, the egg is soft, "medium" means medium cooked, and "hard" indicates it's already hard.

Enjoy your meal! A simple, reliable and extremely useful gadget for every kitchen.

The gadget in detail: hot egg timer with egg indicator non-toxic and resistant to temperature the size of an ordinary egg Reliable, simple, very practical packed in a blister

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